Ordering Guidelines

Please read all guidelines carefully before meeting with me to give your order.

Invitation envelope prices are per address , not per envelope set, so if you'd like return addresses, that is priced separately at normal charge.

If you require a large number of invitations or envelopes in a short amount of time, there may be a rush charge (twice the normal charge).

Please provide a typed list of all addresses, including all appropriate titles, thoroughly checked for spelling. If you are ordering a poem, provide a typed copy.

Smooth paper is best. Textured or embossed paper presents a problem as my calligraphy pen tips could catch in the texture and cause "bleeding" of the ink. I can sometimes work with textured paper, but it's tricky, and best avoided.

Similarly, non-glossy paper is best. Glossy or metallic paper may not absorb ink. Check your paper package before purchasing.

Wax seals are beautiful and a great way to add antique flair to your wedding. But please add them after I am finished with your envelopes! It is tricky and annoying to write on envelopes that already have a wax seal, as it makes the surface uneven.

Errors are inevitable. No matter how careful I am, I do occasionally miss a letter or something like that. Similarly, a customer may realize they had gotten something wrong on the list they gave me. Also, the higher the number of envelopes you have, the chance of errors is slightly higher. For this reason, please provide at least 10 extra envelopes in case of errors; envelope re-writes due to customer error will be charged again at regular price.

Do not add stamps until I am finished with your envelopes, as there may be errors and your 60-something cents would be wasted. See previous comment.

20% downpayment due when envelopes are dropped off.

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Invitations | FAQ | Wedding Etiquette | Ordering Guidelines